Bucharest Top Clubs

Bucharest Top Clubs

Bucharest TOP CLUBS


Bucharest has a well-established party scene, that will see you dancing through to the early hours.

It’s good to know that while the partying and clubbing scene is in full swing at the weekend, week days can also provide opportunities to chill out and have fun.

Top Clubs are opened from WEDNESDAY to SATURDAY. One thing is for certain though: whatever your idea of a good party is, you will find it in Bucharest, if you know where to go. For best results, we recommend our Nightlife Service. We making booking your night out simple. We help you find the right club, get on guest lists and bottle service. Be part of Bucharest Night Life!

Bucharest Top Clubs at large:

The concept of large dance clubs is not new to Bucharest: it started in the late 90’s and has developed ever since, based on a constant demand for quality entertainment and new rising social categories.  Today, live testimonials and online feedback from visitors place the clubs here at the same level with famous Ibiza, Marbella or Vegas, one clear strength being lower prices for the same or better level of entertainment.


The main  things  which define the Bucharest top clubs are: the size – they are really big  and spacious – the interior setup – there are well defined areas inside the club for VIP or Regular demands – and the show they offer – the large central stages host amazing shows with talented and very attractive dancers as well as special guests invited.Bucharest proudly shows now large clubs with tradition as well as new clubs, recommended as being trendier from one year to the other.

Table arrangements

Regarding the tables in the clubs, it is a common thing for locals to book their tables when planning their night out, which is why the foreigners find a well prepared tables structure in all the clubs. It is highly recommended to have your table booked, so that you make the best of your clubbing night and enjoy the services provided by the club. The large crowd on weekends is another reason why having a table reserved is the best idea, because there are situations when larger groups without reservations are not allowed to get in due to the overcrowd.

The most exciting and interesting area in any club is the VIP area – because it offers the best view to the show as well as the best catering at the table.  The Regular area, further away from the stage, is still good, but it doesn’t offer the same level of excitement. Besides the tables, there is naturally the dance floor area – but take into consideration the fact that the top glam clubs are not designed only for a dance floor, but for a set of particular services and exceptional shows.

 Bucharest Top Club Prices:

In terms of prices and costs, first of all there is entrance fee is 50lei (11E) if you do not have a table reservation. Secondly, they run by a minimum spend required at the table, depending of the precise area – VIP or Regular.  That is actually the only requirement in order to make a table all yours – the clubs will differentiate between 250 euro for Regular tables to 500 euro for VIP tables, where only Premium drinks are ordered. A table can accommodate maximum of 8 people. As for the drinks menus, there are 2 types: Table and Bar Menu, with different prices.  Premium bottles of the most popular drinks – mainly spirits and champagne – range between 100 to 600 Eur, depending on the brand and naturally the quantity. Most of them are available in 0.7 l, 1.5l, 1.75l,  3l, 6l, 9 or 12l ( 12 l exclusively for champagne ). The menus are available at the bar or at the table, so that each customer can decide and choose from .

Time table 

 The official opening hour is 11: 30 PM while the closing hour is the same 5 – 6 AM. So, you have the whole night to yourself just to party. The recommended hour to go to the club when you have a table reservation is 12  – 12 30 at the latest, in order to avoid losing your reservation once the club starts to get busy and there is demand. The shows usually start around 1 am and last till the end while the particular time interval for the liveliest atmosphere is 1 – 4 am.

Dress code and general rules

Since you are going to the club to party and enjoy a great night, obviously you should leave your trainers and sporty, relaxed outfit in the room and change it for a more elegant attire. When It comes to dress code in the top clubs, the real restriction is to the sports clothing. The suggested dress code is casual with elegant notes – shoes, shirt, jacket – because, after all, you will be spending your night in a glam club.

In terms of rules, do not get in the club drunk or the venue will not allow you in. Apart from that, do not carry weapons or narcotics, and do not disturb in any way other people, because the final result is to escorted out of the club.