7 Reasons to book your Bucharest experience with Party ON

We are the premier nightlife service catering exclusively to foreigners

We work with Bucharest’s most exclusive clubs and bars to ensure that our guests have the opportunity to experience the variety of nightlife that can only be found in the greatest party city in Europe.

1. Value
We cater to those that value their time just as much as their money, so don’t waste time and money on your weekend in Bucharest trying to find the best night-time solutions for you and your group – let us take care of that for you.

2. Convenience
We make your weekend completely hassle free by taking care of every detail for you so that you’re free to relax and have fun.

3. Insider Knowledge
We identify with our clients and that explains why we perfectly understand their needs, as many of their wishes are our wishes too.
Despite the information found on the Internet, certain clients value good recommendations, so that their demands or wishes will be satisfied in a shorter amount of time.
Why risk your weekend on the recommendation of a friend’s friend who came to Bucharest few years ago?? …you know “the one on that street with all the hot women”. We are out every weekend and know what is hot and what is not!

4. Custom Tailored
Your entire trip is designed around what you want. Our experienced and dedicated consultants provide one-to-one assistance.
We not only say it, we Guarantee it! Excellence in service is what we are about, and we make sure of it by guaranteeing what we put together for you.

5. Avoid Nightlife Tourist Traps and save your money 
Although Bucharest is safer for tourists than most big cities, there are some common tourist traps, and inconveniences that you have to know about and take some precautions to ensure your safety in Bucharest.
Bucharest has numerous restaurants, bars and clubs and a part of them is targeted at tourists.
Some of these touristy places are simply overpriced: they charge you a lot more for average food and service than you would pay at a less upscale place.

6. You’ll have a more authentic local nightlife experience

7. Meet a local. Meeting a local gives you an opportunity to not just interact with the local nightlife information source, but befriend that information source.

Save yourself the time and uncertainty by letting us plan your next Bucharest party!