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Hip Bucharest side tour-Skip the mainstream

Hip Bucharest side tour-Skip the mainstream

The Hip Bucharest Side Tour will help you discover the alternative to mainstream bars and music, revealing the offbeat local corners.

The tour is tailored to suit young travelers seeking an alternate way to explore the City, therefore it relies less on planning and more on a creative vibe.

The guide will meet you at your accommodation. Based on your valuable suggestions in terms of music, she/he will show you cool hang around spots, hipster bars and nonmainstream dance floors in Old Town and around, where the local youth enjoys to party.

Starting hour: We suggest 9 pm, but you will decide the start because we want to stay flexible.

How many stops: the number is not flat, since the tour is tailored.   

Dress code: cool as always!

Tour benefits:

Hassle free organizing your night out;

Presenting Old Town and off Old Town alternative locations;

Introducing the other side of the local nightlife

Personal meet and greet and pick up from your accommodation within city limits;

Guidance and tips; the guide will stay with you as long as needed/all night

Making new friends and meeting locals.

Make this night what you want it to be! Happy clubbing!

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