Experience the pleasure of tasting fabulous cocktails

Bucharest Cocktail Party

Are you ready to plan an evening with the city’s first-ever Cocktail Tour?

Bucharest Cocktail Party – Tour Highlights:

  • Party ON™ Cocktail Tour is very suitable as a first stop of your legendary night out in Bucharest. We will take you to where are the must-go cocktail spots in Bucharest + top club for the rest of the night.
  • Bucharest’s most famous lounges are off Old Town Center.
  • Experience the pleasure of tasting fabulous cocktails whilst enjoying some of the most spectacular views of the city.
  • Choose from an extensive menu of unique cocktails. With your Cocktail Tour Guide collaborate with fellow tour members a custom itinerary that meets your interests combined with the best options for the night. Enjoy a total of three cocktails, each at a different exclusive venue.
  • Dress code: evening dress (don’t forget: it’s a VIP night!)

Bucharest Cocktail Party – Tour benefits:

  • Hassle free organizing your night out;
  • Presenting non touristic areas off Old Town;
  • Big club reservation and guidance included;
  • Personal meet and greet and pick up from your accommodation within city limits;
  • Guidance and tips; the guide will stay with you 5 h;
  • Making new friends and meeting locals;
  • Discounts and deals.

Hit the highlights with this cocktail tour and more nightlife happenings. We know you’ll have a fabulous time. Cheers!



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Enjoy Bucharest