We would like to offer you, through our next articles, an overview on the party scene of Bucharest because after all, you are planning a weekend party here and need to know what to expect.  Our goal is to give you a better understanding about the nightlife here  –  the pubs, the bars, the clubs, the trend – so that you come prepared and remember Bucharest as a great place for either a stag party, a mystery trip with friends, or a just a quick, last minute getaway.

Seasons to party in Bucharest

Bucharest keeps the doors open all year long and has things to show and do all the time.
It’s true that in the summer – mainly late July and most of August – the city is less crowded because locals take holidays in this time of the year, but when it comes to partying, there is no limited season to it. There are party venues open all the time, so you’ll find places to go to, no matter when you plan to arrange you city break.

From the weather point of view, as Bucharest lies in the South of Romania, it is milder even in the late autumn or full winter.  It’s indeed the time when temperatures drop below 0 °C, but it’s also the time when people go indoor to have drinks or dance.  The pubs, bars and clubs are packed in the cold season   – cold weather never stops locals from going out – so you can consider  discovering a full house  at this point. The only exception are the first days of January, right after New Year Eve party, when people prefer to either rest or spend their winter holiday away from Bucharest .

Starting with May – a very pleasant month to visit Bucharest – the city and the people begin to get ready for the summer. The nice weather 15 °C on average – starts moving the seats outside, so slowly but surely, most of the venues, such as pubs, bars and restaurants will welcome you outdoor. Old Town is one of the best examples to notice the shift from cold to warm.  From June on until late September everything turns in the summer mode, with summer terraces, special outdoor parties, pools and summer clubs available.  Even if, sometimes it can be very hot, especially in July and August, people stay outdoor for drinks or summer activities and everything is lively, with terraces open till very late.

So, no matter of how cold or hot it gets, Bucharest is ready all the time  to provide good fun. You can plan you party here at any time, and the only thing you should think of is just packing the right clothes in your luggage.

Where to go to party?

Thanks to the locals’ never-ending need of going out and increasing touristic interests, the local party scene has refined and has been very dynamic over time. Today, Bucharest has reached a new level of entertainment, with new established touristic areas – Old Town and the surroundings – or the same upscale North District, looking even better and hosting the big, glamorous clubs, some of them with tradition and refashioned every year or others newly built from the same need for good entertainment. The best time to taste the nightlife and the big clubbing is, as expected, the weekend, mainly starting from Wednesday, and reaching climax on Fridays and Saturdays, but the first part of the week can also provide good options, in Old Town area. So, let’s take a closer look at the local nightlife and understand it.

Old Town – the melting pot of late nights

First of all, it is good to know that Old Town is a specific area in the old Bucharest city center, which is much larger and runs as a testimony of the beautiful 19th century “belle époque “of Bucharest.

Old Town is today the most popular, touristic and busy walking area to party in.  From an almost desert area with small streets and very old buildings, having partially survived demolition and only 1 or 2 bars, it has steadily become, in the past 6 years, the most flourishing concentration of bars, pubs, small clubs and food corners, live from Monday to Sunday. So, currently, because of the great buzz happening here and the many places to choose from, everybody thinks of going out in Old Town. The touristic potential also became obvious and now almost all the pubs provide info, menus and assistance in English.

The main type of venue in Old Town is the bar or pub with a dance floor, which serves all purposes: drinking, dancing and socializing. Actually, the venues to be found in this area are not very big  – the big clubs are off Old Town  – but more mass oriented, with some fashioned as clubs.  Although Old Town is a bundle of 10 – 12 streets with only venues, there is nevertheless a special, mainstream area, where the action takes place. As soon as you enter Old Town, you will easily recognize it because of the rumor, music, lights, buzz and packed terraces in the summer. From 9 pm to 5 – 6 am, it looks like an unstoppable party here, no matter of the season.  Dance, trendy music is mostly played, with secondary R’n’B or live music as well as karaoke or slices of electro. Besides the dance floors, you will also find many attractive bars to enjoy beer or cocktails. With beer priced at 2 eur and a good cocktail at 5, you will definitely take interest in drinking on your night out. The entrance is free everywhere, except for special events or live music venues.

In daytime Old Town is also nice to be in, although quieter. In the warm season, sitting at a terrace or watching the artistic events that take place sometimes in the square facing the National Bank  – the largest building located in the area  – can be very relaxing  options, preparing you for another night after dark .

So, in conclusion, Old Town is the place to check first after you arrive here – it’s fun, cheaper   and busy all the time. Because it’s so popular, you will see many locals around you, interested in making a good conversation with foreigners or just being part of the party. And, since Old Town is a walking area in the heart of Bucharest, it is directly connected to the rest of central boulevards or points of interest, so when you want to crash in bed, depending on where you accommodation is, you will easily reach it.

The North – home to the big clubs

Opposed to the Old Town area, popular and easily accessible, the North is the upscale side of Bucharest, with a more sophisticated look, wider natural space, a higher local income and more glamorous, elegant and exclusive venues: either restaurants, lounges or clubs.  The Herastrau Park  and Lake -the largest in Bucharest  – offer beautiful lounge terraces right by the lake, ideal for the summer season as well as fun daytime activities . . A few of the lounges host outdoor events or parties on weekends and usually attract a more demanding, corporate type of crowd. Since it lays off the city center, transport by car is necessary to reach this part of the city.

One particular attraction for the North, which is indispensable to Bucharest nightlife are the top clubs, which are built on large and specially landscaped grounds. They definitely have to be on the weekend trip list of things to see and do, otherwise you will not fully understand the local party potential. So the following section will be dedicated to a description of Bucharest top clubs and what they have to offer to the people coming here to party.

Top Clubs in Bucharest at large

The concept of large dance clubs is not new to Bucharest: it started in the late 90’s and has developed ever since, based on a constant demand for quality entertainment and new rising social categories.  Today, live testimonials and online feedback from visitors place the clubs here at the same level with famous Ibiza, Marbella or Vegas, one clear strength being lower prices for the same or better level of entertainment.


The main  things  which define the top clubs of Bucharest are:  the size  – they are really big  and spacious  –  the interior setup – there are well defined areas inside the club for VIP or Regular demands  – and the show they offer  – the large central stages host  amazing shows with talented and very attractive dancers as well as special guests invited.
Bucharest proudly shows now large clubs with tradition as well as new clubs, recommended as being trendier from one year to the other.

Table arrangements

Regarding the tables in the clubs, it is a common thing for locals to book their tables when planning their night out, which is why the foreigners find a well prepared tables structure in all the clubs. It is highly recommended to have your table booked, so that you make the best of your clubbing night and enjoy the services provided by the club. The large crowd on weekends is another reason why having a table reserved is the best idea, because there are situations when larger groups without reservations are not allowed to get in due to the overcrowd.

The most exciting and interesting area in any club is the VIP area  – because it offers the best view to the show as well as the best catering at the table .  The Regular area, further away from the stage, is still good, but it doesn’t offer the same level of excitement. Besides the tables, there is naturally the dance floor area – but take into consideration the fact that the top glam clubs are not designed only for a dance floor, but for a set of particular services and exceptional shows.

Club prices

In terms of prices and costs, first of all, most of the big clubs do not charge yet an entrance fee, except for special events. That is a very good start compared to the big clubs abroad. That means that you can enter the club, without having to worry about how much you will pay to get in. Secondly, they run by a minimum spend required at the table, depending of the precise area – VIP or regular.  That is actually the only requirement in order to make a table all yours – the clubs will differentiate between 200 eur for Regular tables to 500 euro for VIP tables, where usually Premium drinks are ordered. As for the drinks menus, there are 2 types: Table and Bar Menu, with different prices. Premium bottles of the most popular drinks – mainly spirits and champagne   – range between 100 to 600 eur, depending on the brand and naturally the quantity .  Most of them are available in 0.7 , 1.5, 1.75 ,  3l , 6 l  , 9 or 12 l  ( 12 l exclusively for champagne ). The menus are available at the bar or at the table, so that each customer can decide and choose from .

Time table

The official opening hour is 11 30 pm while the closing hour is the same 5 – 6 AM. So, you have the whole night to yourself just to party. The recommended hour to go to the club when you have a table reservation is 12  – 12 30 at the latest, in order to avoid losing your reservation once the club starts to get busy and there is demand. The shows usually start around 1 am and last till the end while the particular time interval for the liveliest atmosphere is 1 – 4 am.

Dress code and general rules

Since you are going to the club to party and enjoy a great night, obviously you should leave your trainers and sporty, relaxed outfit in the room and change it for a more elegant attire. When it comes to dress code in the top clubs, the real restriction is to the sports clothing. The suggested dress code is casual with elegant notes – shoes, shirt, jacket – because, after all, you will be spending your night in a glam club.

In terms of rules, do not get in the club drunk or the venue will not allow you in. Apart from that, do not carry weapons or narcotics, and do not disturb in any way other people, because the final result is to be escorted out of the club.



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