Club prices

Bucharest Clubs/Bars price list • Soft drinks 1.5€ – 2€ • Local beer 2€ – 2.5€ • Imported beer 2€ – 4€ • Red bull 3-4€ • Johhny Walker 4€ – 5€ 40ml Bottle: 60€ – 80€ • Beefeater 2.5€ – 4€ 40 ml Bottle: 50€ – 100€ • Absolute vodka 2.5€ – 3€ 40 ml Bottle: 60€ – 70€ •...

Mamaia Party ON

Mamaia, “the Pearl of the Romanian seaside”, is the country’s most popular resort,  largest at the Black Sea, the 4th in Europe and the 7th in the world, being  well known for its vibrant nightlife. It is an 8km strip of wide beach running between Lake Siutghiol and...

City nightlife

Bucharest Nightlife – the formula of good entertainment A night to remember… This is the main goal of people travelling abroad just to party. Whether in a small or a larger group, you and your friends are in search of the key ingredients to make your  fun trip epic : ...

Travel Tips

Etiquette People usually speak English/ French, so one can survive without learning the language. Romanians are usually very friendly towards foreigners, but there are also dishonest people who will try to take advantage of your being a foreigner. Always count your...

Romanian girls

The most obvious way to meet Romanian girls is to fly to Romania. It is highly recommended! If you visit Romania the girls you will meet will be 100 times better than the women you might meet in other countries, on the Internet or any other way. First and most...


We would like to offer you, through our next articles, an overview on the party scene of Bucharest because after all, you are planning a weekend party here and need to know what to expect.  Our goal is to give you a better understanding about the nightlife here...


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