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Bucharest Nightlife – the formula of good entertainment

A night to remember… This is the main goal of people travelling abroad just to party. Whether in a small or a larger group, you and your friends are in search of the key ingredients to make your  fun trip epic :  a friendly and vibrant city, a good party culture, a cool ,trendy and affordable nightlife, something different than your hometown and least but not last a safe destination.

So, naturally, you start planning for new things and come up with SE Europe and a shortlist of cities to check in for good clubbing and friendly locals. Bucharest will surely come on your travel map. The natural question is: Why Bucharest? And how much fun can you get here?

Bucharest nightlife overview

Like any big city, Bucharest has history to report, but the best memory at the end of your trip will be the nightlife.  And this should not be treated as a cliché, but as a fact.  Some well reputed magazines have described Bucharest as one of the coolest European cities based on the cheap beer, the abundance of clubs and high concentration of students. In addition to that, some premium venues in Bucharest have been listed on specific websites as places to absolutely check.  So, exploring the nightlife in the capital city of Dracula land can become a memorable experience – which is exactly what you wish for.  So, what is the secret? Here are the most important reasons to explore Bucharest clubbing arena:

The answer is given by the local spirit and crave for entertainment.  Because of the inner Latin spirit, Romanians enjoy making friendships and partying no matter what. And when they do everybody knows about it. That is why here, in Bucharest, you won’t have any problem finding clubs open at 5 or 6 in the morning. And if you still have enough energy, you can skip brunch and keep on partying till late afternoon in a few after hours urban delights.

If you are for the first time in Bucharest, this city can offer you the right type of entertainment. Bucharest’s nightlife is spiced with great action. You can do almost everything here   thanks to   a great deal of night clubs to choose from, depending on your travel budget, mood and musical preference. Music, people, brilliant decorations, beautiful girls, warm atmosphere…night in Bucharest has an amazing rhythm!

And since music sets the tone, here is an essential  tip : Over 1.000 clubs, bars, pubs, lounges and cafes are waiting for you with all the music that you can get : pop, dance, electro, hip hop, alternative, rock, jazz etc. Live music is also part of the setting, since Romanians enjoy it very much.   So now the only thing left is to organize and see where to go first.  Here is what the party compass shows:

Best Nightlife areas

Although spread out and very offering , Bucharest has established two major area of interest, travel and leisure wise  – The Historical Centre, commonly named Old Town, and The North District, by the lakes residing around Herastrau Park  – the largest in the city  –  and border lining Victoria Square. While Old Town is a massive concentration of lively streets with plenty of mainstream pubs and bars addressing the masses, The North District is a more sophisticated, airy and greener area, hosting high end clubs, restaurants and lounges. Furthermore, the lake inside the park is the ideal setting for stylish venues and panoramic views. Let’s take a brief look at each:

Old Town – mass party 

It is currently the most popular entertainment area at the heart of Bucharest – one of the nightlife hubs in the city.  From 11PM on, you‘ll get around 10 streets with versatile bars and pubs which compete in putting up the best dance floor and music. Its perfect location bring all the other central surrounding areas within a walking distance.

Another great thing about Old Town is its authentic vibe – the many pubs and clubs offer the best prices and popular music, including Romanian Music, and a very lively crowd of locals and tourists. Because it is indeed an area that never sleeps, you probably end up making a lot of friends. Old Town has boomed with cafes, clubs and bars and since cars are not allowed, it has become a pedestrian nightlife paradise. It is the most crowded and lively place to be in every night, weekend especially.  There are a few high-toned cafes, restaurants and pubs, but in general the atmosphere is unpretentious and cozy.

During the summer, streets are reduced to 1-2 meters in width, especially at night, because everybody is taking the chairs and tables out and serve in open air. This is really a place you shouldn’t miss, if you like to hang out at night.

The North – premium clubbing

For cutting-edge clubbing, head north-east. If you want to offer yourself a lovely treat, you will head to the north of the city this time to experience the glamorous clubbing. The big, elegant clubs are waiting for you with fantastic shows, elegant people and up market services. The best fit before any of the top clubs located here would be an elegant sky bar or a stylish lounge where you can enjoy some good cocktails or quality wine to get you in the right mood.  When it comes to the top clubs, there are a few key reasons to absolutely check them while in Bucharest:

– a different concept of entertainment, centered around sophisticated yet very affordable setups:   the main clubs are premium venues incorporating key elements such as large stages for shows, VIP areas and smart decorations.

– professional and carefully performed table service

– extended timetable :  do not expect to see the party ending before 6 am

– most of the clubs do not practice cover charge – the exception to the rule are only the special events

– the budget necessary for a memorable premium night out is usually 3 – 4 times smaller than in other European cities

– a very safe environment:  the tourist should not fear incidents or trouble inside the club.

In conclusion… 

I hope you now have a good understanding of the nightlife scene in Bucharest. Now you know where to go to get your right type of nightlife here. Regardless of your status, your condition – rich, poor, student etc, or just want to meet other tourists and expats, you’ve now received the necessary input to make wise nightlife decisions in Bucharest.

All you have to do is get ready for the lively atmosphere of Bucharest’s nightlife!

If you’re in Bucharest just for a few days, it’s good to know that while the partying and clubbing scene is in full swing at the weekend, week days can also provide opportunities to chill out and have fun. Be part of Bucharest nightlife and make the best trip memories. Enjoy!



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