Meet a Consultant


Single personalized meeting with a Party ON dedicated Consultant

Reservations, Recommendation, Budget analysis and supplier rates


BONUS: Assistance during your trip in Bucharest

TIMING : 1 hour

LOCATION  – in the city, at your convenience

PAYMENT – online.


SERVICE TARGET: Guests that who  arrived already and did not plan their time in Bucharest


If you did not plan your time in Bucharest or find yourself in a last minute situation, our consultants can meet you at your location and customize your needs.

Our local expertise, knowledge and practical insight will lead to specific recommendations adapted to your travel budget and preferences. During the 1 hour session, the consultant will ask questions, listen actively, evaluate your requirements and generate customized, real time advice about where to eat, party, sightsee or relax.

The meeting is intended to be informal so we encourage an open dialogue. The Consultant is often as much of a travel coach and question-answerer as he or she is an itinerary builder.

The hotel lobby or a cozy café can work just as good – we stay  flexible. After this session, we remain a point of contact during the trip for any other necessary support.

Through this personal assistance, we wish to stand out from the massive information available online and add the human touch to your Bucharest experience.


•             1h consulting, advising and designing a Personalized Trip Agenda based on your needs and budget

•             Instant info & bookings: restaurant, car and driver, tours and activities, clubs bottle service

•             Local tips& budgeting

•             Continuous assistance throughout your trip in Bucharest

Extra info:

WORKING HOURS: 12:00-19:00

HOW DO I BOOK IT: Service is available based on a booking confirmation of our consultant via e-mail/whatsapp/phone call. Minimum timing: 2h in advance.

HOW DO I GET ASSISTANCE DURING THE TRIP: we will be in contact via:whatsapp/mail/phone



Step 1

You make an enquiry

This your first step to getting helpful Consultant at your place of convenience for 1h consulting

Step 2

Set up the meeting

After you submit a request, a representative will respond to confirm your meeting details


Step 3

Receive your action plan

You will receive Personalized Support Plan or a Trip Agenda

Step 4

Enjoy Bucharest

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