1. Bucharest Key Facts

  • Capital City: 2,500,000 inhabitants, the 6th largest city in Europe
  • Language: Romanian- a member of the Latin language group. Romanian is very close to French, Italian and Spanish languages. As a result you’ll understand pretty good Romanians if you speak or understand this family of languages
  • The city’s Palace of the Parliament is the second-largest building in the world.
  • Romania Member of EU: Yes (starting with 1st of January 2007)
  • Time Zone: GMT +2 hours
  • Currency: RON/LEI
  • Country Code:  40
  • Emergency call: 112

2.Travel Tips

Tipping is the norm.

The standard tip is 10%, though you can choose to tip more or less depending on your experience.

Tipping in restaurants/bars/clubs is appropriate in Bucharest. Romanian waiters receive a very small hourly wage because their employers expect that customers will tip themThere are many waiters who expect to be tipped just because this is the norm and don’t understand that tip should be given only in exchange for very good service. Tip only when the people seem to deserve.

A tip is not added onto a restaurant/club bill

Try to tip the taxi drivers, the waiters, the valets at the hotel. Not much but any tip will make your stay far more pleasant… 10%-20%  will do.


As ever, taxis should not be hailed from the rank, but called from a reputable company. Prices are obliged to be posted on the door and shouldn’t be more than 1.39 – 3.00 lei/km. Make sure the meter is on before setting off and generally be wary of any other funny business.

Money Exchange

Romanian currency is LEI/RON. Money should preferably be exchanged at the banks. Exchange bureaus at the airport should especially be avoided due to their bad rates.


Sometimes Pickpockets are a real problem in Bucharest, so take extra precautions. They may operate in crowded public transportation or near the main tourist attractions.


Although smoking is forbidden by law in public places, everyone in Bucharest is a smoker.


Prostitution is not legal in Romania, so act accordingly.


This is a ‘zero tolerance’ country. Just do not do it! Penalties are draconian.

Crime and safety

Bucharest’s crime rate is low in comparison to other European capital cities, so no particular problems should arise from this point of view.

Beggars are common on main streets and near the churches, but they are not dangerous.

3.Night life Party Areas

Where to go to party?

Thanks to the locals’ never-ending need of going out and increasing touristic interests, the local party scene has refined and has been very dynamic over time. Today, Bucharest has reached a new level of entertainment, with new established touristic areas – Old Town and the surroundings – or the upscale North District, looking even better and hosting the big, glamorous clubs, some of them with tradition and refashioned every year or others newly built from the same need for good entertainment. The best time to taste the nightlife and the big clubbing is, as expected, the weekend, mainly starting from Wednesday, and reaching climax on Fridays and Saturdays, but the first part of the week can also provide good options, in Old Town area. So, let’s take a closer look at the local nightlife and understand it.

Old Town – the melting pot of late nights

Old Town is today the most popular, touristic and busy walking area to party in. Currently, because of the great buzz happening here and the many places to choose from, everybody thinks of going out in Old Town. The touristic potential also became obvious and now almost all the pubs provide info, menus and assistance in English.

The main type of venue in Old Town is the bar or pub with a dance floor, which serves all purposes: drinking, dancing and socializing. Although Old Town is a bundle of 10 – 12 streets with only venues, there is nevertheless a special, mainstream area, where the action takes place. As soon as you enter Old Town, you will easily recognize it because of the rumor, music, lights, buzz and packed terraces in the summer. From 9 pm to 5 – 6 am, it looks like an unstoppable party here, no matter of the season.  The entrance is free everywhere, except for special events or live music venues.

So, in conclusion, Old Town is the place to check first after you arrive here – it’s fun, cheaper and busy all the time. And, since Old Town is a walking area in the heart of Bucharest, it is directly connected to the rest of central boulevards or points of interest, so when you want to crash in bed, depending on where you accommodation is, you will easily reach it.

The North – home to the big clubs

Opposed to the Old Town area, popular and easily accessible, the North is the upscale side of Bucharest, with a more sophisticated look, wider natural space, a higher local income and more glamorous, elegant and exclusive venues: either restaurants, lounges or clubs.  The Herastrau Park and Lake -the largest in Bucharest – offer beautiful lounge terraces right by the lake, ideal for the summer season as well as fun daytime activities . .

A few of the lounges host outdoor events or parties on weekends and usually attract a more demanding, corporate type of crowd. Since it lays off the city center, transport by car is necessary to reach this part of the city.

One particular attraction for the North, which is indispensable to Bucharest nightlife are the top clubs, which are built on large and specially landscaped grounds. They definitely have to be on the weekend trip list of things to see and do, otherwise you will not fully understand the local party potential.

Top Clubs in Bucharest at large

The concept of large dance clubs is not new to Bucharest: it started in the late 90’s and has developed ever since, based on a constant demand for quality entertainment and new rising social categories.  Today, live testimonials and online feedback from visitors place the clubs here at the same level with famous Ibiza, Marbella or Vegas, one clear strength being lower prices for the same or better level of entertainment.


The main  things  which define the top clubs of Bucharest are:  the size  – they are really big  and spacious  –  the interior setup – there are well defined areas inside the club for VIP or Regular demands  – and the show they offer  – the large central stages host amazing shows with talented and very attractive dancers as well as special guests invited.

Bucharest proudly shows now large clubs with tradition as well as new clubs, recommended as being trendier from one year to the other.

I hope you now have a good understanding of the nightlife scene in Bucharest. Now you know where to go to get your right type of nightlife here. You’ve now received the necessary input to make wise nightlife decisions in Bucharest.

All you have to do is get ready for the lively atmosphere of Bucharest’s nightlife!

If you’re in Bucharest just for a few days, be part of Bucharest nightlife and make the best trip memories. Enjoy!



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